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Terms and Conditions (revised February 3, 2008)

This page describes how personal information is handled, as well as what you can and cannot do with files posted to this site. If you have any questions regarding the following information, contact us and we'll try to help you.

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  3. Privacy Policy and Other Terms
    1. Any contact information, such as email addresses, phone numbers, etc. will be treated as confidential and will not, under any circumstances, be shared with a third party without your permission. We ask for this information on our contact form, or may ask for it via E-mail or any other form of communication that we feel is best.
      Note: As of February 3, 2008, we'll be keeping track of your IP address and browser information. In the event you abuse our form, this information may be passed on to the propper authorities.
    2. KJS Productions reserves the right to refuse/reject projects at our discretion.
    3. Prior to the start of your project, a fee schedule will be agreed upon. Failing to pay after that may suspend any service that we've agreed upon.

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